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ROL Retail develops and manufactures complete solutions to meet the needs of retailers across a wide range of markets. With over 200 employees in Europe and Asia and continued investment in our platform, we are developing our capabilities to meet the increasingly complex needs of retailers seeking to create a unique experience for their customers.
  • Knowledgeable Teams with Broad Experience
  • Concept Development & Design Realization
  • Advanced Manufacturing Processes & Value Engineering
  • Multi-National Production Platforms & Supplier Networks
  • High-End Technical Solutions for the Future


ROL Retail is foremost a manufacturing company with extensive experience in a wide range of retail markets. Since 1985 we have been rolling out gas stations, electronics stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, fashion stores and convenience concepts. In 2014 our products were distributed to over 30 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
  • Transform Concepts & Designs into Fully Engineered Solutions
  • Build Prototypes and Work with Clients to Improve Them
  • Combine Knowledgeable People with a Flexible Production Platform
  • Deliver Across Continents On Time, On Budget


At the core of our long-standing partnerships with leading retailers is our perpetual commitment to value engineering. Dedicated engineers focus on higher volume lines where even small changes lead to multiplier effects that benefit our clients and our competitiveness.
  • Identifies Changes in Design & Construction
  • Integral to Technical Design, Production, Purchasing & Supply Networks
  • Key to Building Long Term Relationships


ROL Retail is developing high-end technical solutions for retail markets. The first of these to be launched, in partnership with Datalogic and Wincor Nixdorf, is a family of high-speed scanning based checkouts serving up to four customers simultaneously. After successful trials in the UK and Europe in 2013 and 2014, ROL has delivered customized variants for both markets in 2015 with more in the pipeline.


ROL Retail operates across three production facilities, employing around 200 skilled people. With a strong heritage in metals based fabrication, we focus on black steel and stainless steel as our core products, working with specialists to supply a wide variety of other materials. Our investments in Lithuania topped EUR 6m in 2014, increasing our total production area to 40,000m2
  • Sweden, Lithuania & China
  • Prototyping, Small Batch Production, High Volume Processes
  • Continued Investment in People and Automation


Sustainable and environmental considerations are increasingly important to our clients and their customers. Scandinavia is a global leader in recycling technology and thought leadership. ROL has worked with the recycling of excess materials generated in the manufacturing process for over 25 years. Our newest plants in Lithuania and the USA were designed from the ground up with environmental impact as a primary consideration.
  • Paint lines extract 99.9% of particle dust inside the line
  • Ceiling heights lowered to improve heating efficiency and air circulation
  • Presence-sensor lighting across the production floor and office complex
  • Chemical and lubricant use reduced in the manufacturing process
  • Selection of freight partners addressing environmental impact
  • ISO 9001, 14001, iWay, Sedex, FSC


ROL Ergo is a global leader in the supply of intelligent height adjustable workplaces. Extensive research and development, patented engineering and intuitive software combines seamlessly into scaleable solutions that improve productivity, comfort and health. The company partners with many of the leading office solutions agencies to deliver customized connected environments in Europe, USA and Asia.

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